Reviews for "Friendship in a Post-Apoc"

even when both defending they can lose health

WAYYY to hard, sometimes you would be amazing at it, and have the guy defending, and you would die anyways

It's really not that interesting. Most of the time is spent shooting the--green--uh--things. The digging is so slow that progress is hardly ever felt. I'd suggest to lessen the number of green things and quicken the digging, each no more than five or ten percent. That'd make it much more interesting. As it stands, it's more just sitting here, waiting for a real break in the flow of green things, then clicking to dig--for only a second or two, then back up to defending and waiting.

Really simple game. Has it's difficulty but not too hard. Sound was ok. Not really something I like but the alert siren thing during it help make it seem more critical during that time. It's good for what the game is.