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Reviews for "Technically Impossible"

Pure awesomeness,good job.

And another 5, for lighting, detail, framing, and coloring.

Great Job.

This is incredibly impressive, dude!

The use of colour and lighting is superb a nice middle focal point making your eyes scan from top to bottom :) works really well quite effective!

For a while here I was wonder what was technically impossible. Maybe the leap to the other building. Maybe such incredible fame you'd have your insignia carved on a skyscraper like that. Maybe such a future as the one this artistry depicts... either way the artwork itself is just awesome. Love the detail and lighting, and how it's strengthened in the haze.

The motive also reminds me a bit of the final showdown in Max Payne, where he stands atop the skyscraper with the burning helicopter wreck at the bottom... though of course not all that similar here. Instrument of death's become an instrument of life and inspiration. Empowering music. Bound to be a kickass album.


YakovlevArt responds:

ha, that's cool man!
Thanks again for the awesome review!