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Reviews for "Human Invasion"

Pacing was okay. If I was overwhelmed it was because I didn't conserve ammo properly. The game could use some things like shot upgrades. Piercing shots that would allow me to more easily conserve ammo might've been useful. The game seemed to randomly assign extra ammo to a gun, hence gun two had more ammo than it ever really needed, whereas gun 1 was empty for a long while.

Another issue is the functionality on the airstrike (which, by the way, is actually a SAM rather than something that actually flies over and attacks, which would have been very useful as well in a crowded field to maybe have something that knocked the back row out of the enemy attack and I had to only deal with the closer ones). Obviously the game has a lot going on and the airstrike is triggered with a click of the mouse. This becomes an issue because there were many, many times when I would be shooting down enemies, and I'd go to click a balloon to activate an explosive or gain ammo, and just that click to get more ammo would happen like a split second after I gained another SAM. So without warning I ended up sending a SAM to the same site that I just blew up a bunch of enemies with a blue balloon and wasted the thing on dead space. Very frustrating, I'd have preferred that SAMs get some other method of firing that would make it easier to use without accidentally wasting it.

The game works, it's really just those couple things, but it's not something that makes the game unplayable. Enemies stay in your line of fire long enough it doesn't become unfair, the music fits the pacing, and the difficulty curve is just enough to get you adjusted to the reflexes necessary to go farther in the game. Graphics are big, colors are bright, I have no problem seeing what's going on onscreen, even if I wished sometimes for a few more milliseconds to react.

I like it.

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The first comment is especially noteworthy. The ammo distribution is totally random but it would have been much better if it were given to the turret with the least ammo. We can try to squeeze that fix into a later version.

I agree on your second comment about the airstrike (or SAM). We didn't have many options because this game was designed to be played on a cellphone. There's also a bug that for some reason, when you click the blue balloons and you have an airstrike ready, it will send the airstrike. That was just a problem we couldn't figure out how to fix before the release.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though. Thanks for playing.

GREAT, although the airstrike doesn't really feel like it fits, could use its own button(spacebar?)

can't tell you how many baloons I shot down with it

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks for the comment. Sorry for that. We ran into a bug with the Aistrike that turned out to be totally unfixable without some big changes. If it helps, for some reason, the Airstrike should only be triggered if you click on the blue balloon bombs, not the ammo pickups.

I honestly didn't understand what to do other than mash 1-4 to try and kill the ships. I later noticed I had no ammo but was still firing, I had no idea how to refill it. Music was good though.

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks for the comment. If you decide to play again, make sure you tap on the balloons that float up from the bottom for ammo and other aid.

Too simple.

Great :D