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Reviews for "Classtron"

Heard this song on a game named Woodclicker on Kongregate and followed the Dev's link here to get this song to listen to on the go. Absolutely beautiful! Now I'm going to go listen to the rest of your songs. I hope there are some more as rad as this!

Absolutely beautiful. I can listen to this on loop for hours. Thank you so much for this.

A light, bouncy trance with a touch of dubstep beats leading you into the atmosphere where you are surrounded by the stars. Keeps coasting along without letting you drop.

Once i heard this song in the flash game Wood Clicker i literally went insane. This was the best song I've every heard in my entire life. Keep up the good work of creating great trance songs. If you can, i wish you could send me the notes to the song or an mid file for the song. This song is so awesome, I'd love to learn to play it myself!

While I like the whole song, I do like the solo piano part much more :)
The second part sounds good too, but it sounds a bit like you just used the preset sounds your software offers you, maybe experiment with altering those presets to make the sound more your own.
All in all nice work.

Well laid out, sounds perfect as a bitch, well done ^.^