Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

Great design of runner: ) Controls and graphics are simple, but it's good.
Did you thought about making this game for phones?

this is a good game man, however i think there should be more color and a more exiting sound track. but you did really well. so... here yoy go, 4 stars

I do terrible in these games, but i love them.

This one's amazing, even though it is simple, it is a lotta fun!

Hard as hell. Well, maybe its just me being a bit dumb and slow, i dunno... *drool*
Still, art and animation is smooth and generally well-made, but i absolutely hate it when music starts at random place every time the screenie-guy dies!


This is a solid Canabalt style runner and hopper. The concept is so common and easy to execute. Here we have the most necessary key elements of the genre: random generation, level variation and decent speed. But the game is obviously lacking and simple. Pretty nice to kill 5 or 10 minutes. 8/10. 4/5.