Reviews for "Books By Brewstew"


THis was way bomb! I loved it kept me rolling and I just love it! simple animation, but it was al about the humor with this! I hope you get great ratings with it!

Hilarity at its finest!

Great job man. Classic Brewstew humor. I loved it man. As always it was great! Fun animation, and all that jazz.

Only thing that I can say say that I noticed was that the voice around the beginning was a little low towards the background music playing, but it was fine after that!

Above all man you did a great job, and have a real talent when it comes to making people laugh! I love your shorts but have you ever considered making other flashes, that are series based? If not, consider it, they would be AWESOME!!

Keep it up man, and my god I'd love to have one of those books!


brewstew responds:

Thanks man, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review! You always have good things to say!