Reviews for "The world is in your hand"

I like the style of silhouettes and background color, but this game is confusing. What am I supposed to do? After flying around for a while, attempting to interact with some of the people, to help the cat, or ride into the noose, or rest on the bed... nothing happens. Is it an endless voyage? It's an interesting game, but it seems I'm lost without motive. Keep it going though!

jacklehamster responds:

I guess I should mention that you can interact with people.

A game like this relies on its atmosphere to be good, and unfortunate the choice of how to implement the music -- complete silence most of the game, then one loop of the main theme every time you meet a new person or see something new happen -- doesn't really work. There should at least be some sort of background music the rest of the time instead of silence; otherwise it feels very strange every time the music cuts out.

Other than that, however, this is quite well done. Obviously the flying physics could be a little cleaner if this weren't done in 48 hours (most notably, hitting a block often causes that block to disconnect from the surrounding ones for a moment), but that's expected.

Great concept.
Reasons I gave not 5 stars:
- the quests could have been way more obvious (except the one with the cat)
- there could have been more feedback considering the people (e.g. having them immediately slightly reacting; or the protagonist; or having some sound effect indicating discussion)
- I consider the sound arrangement odd (the music suddenly stops and starts later on)
- the medal was not given out immediately after accomplishing all quests

well i got a depressed man to comfort another depressed man i got a little girl to her cat a little boy to an apple tree and a woman to get out of bed wtf do i do next?

It's a clever game but I didn't really enjoy it. However the theme is "Minimalism" and the game was made in 48h, so you have to give him that. Good game considering the time it was made in.