Reviews for "The world is in your hand"

Please tell me how to win this, I understand that I have to pick up all those people but, why and how?

I only got the boy that was sitting or standing (I can't remember) on the edge of one of the rectangles.

PLS help. :(

jacklehamster responds:

Normally, you simply stand in front of someone and wait a second or two to pick them up. You can only pick up one person at the time, so if you got the boy, you need to drop him off where he needs to be.

no one will interact with me!!!! overall good game!

It's extremely confusing and there is no way of knowing what the point is supposed to be. I picked up the boy, and then I couldn't figure out how to get him to get off my chair. Some direction would have made this better. Prior to reading the comments, I didn't even know there WERE objectives.

I don't like giving bad reviews but I didn't like this game. It was difficult (for me) to understand how to play it (I mean that I was supposed to wait for the people to climb up), I had to go looking through the comments to understand it. As regards the story, background and art I really liked it, it's very nice and makes you think. Perhaps some special sound would have made the difference. Best wishes :)

dont cry don´t cry´

i can´t avoid it