Reviews for "The world is in your hand"

well i got a depressed man to comfort another depressed man i got a little girl to her cat a little boy to an apple tree and a woman to get out of bed wtf do i do next?

I really like the chair, because, well... it floats! But... what do I do in the game? I found the girl and got her to the cat... but what about the boy? And the guy at the hangman's noose thingy? I found this guy slumped in the corner at the bottom, but I don't get it... what do they want? I like the game so I kept trying, but I seriously didn't get it. What's my objective? I kept getting stuck in the blocks, and have to start over...

This is clever, and I'm sure I'd like a levitating chair if I got paralyzed. Game movement could be improved and the time needed to interact with characters could be reduced though. I have one question though, is my objective to have all the characters riding the chair?

A game like this relies on its atmosphere to be good, and unfortunate the choice of how to implement the music -- complete silence most of the game, then one loop of the main theme every time you meet a new person or see something new happen -- doesn't really work. There should at least be some sort of background music the rest of the time instead of silence; otherwise it feels very strange every time the music cuts out.

Other than that, however, this is quite well done. Obviously the flying physics could be a little cleaner if this weren't done in 48 hours (most notably, hitting a block often causes that block to disconnect from the surrounding ones for a moment), but that's expected.

I got a girl her cat. Then I picked up a boy.

Does he want a girlfriend? A bed? A cat? A depressed person? I have no idea, but apparently not.

That was all. The game is unclear, lacks direction, and is just hard to understand. What am I doing in this flying chair? The lack of a visible ceiling and floor, but their presence nonetheless, felt like a lazy design choice, and the gradient in the background was not representative of anything nor did it add anything to the game as far as I could tell. How is the world mine? Why am I playing this?