Reviews for "The world is in your hand"

Great concept.
Reasons I gave not 5 stars:
- the quests could have been way more obvious (except the one with the cat)
- there could have been more feedback considering the people (e.g. having them immediately slightly reacting; or the protagonist; or having some sound effect indicating discussion)
- I consider the sound arrangement odd (the music suddenly stops and starts later on)
- the medal was not given out immediately after accomplishing all quests

What a great game. Has a great point to prove. Keep it up.

It's a clever game but I didn't really enjoy it. However the theme is "Minimalism" and the game was made in 48h, so you have to give him that. Good game considering the time it was made in.

don't get it

Super game!The story is really explicable!More for the you can help peoples,oh,and cool graphics!Here I don't have suggestions............anyway,cool game! :)