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Reviews for "Life & Minimalsim"

This game will touch our hearts for a better relationship with others... Good job :D

i love this game
i'ts sad and school and you rock
i'ts awesome

xWiseGAMERx responds:

You are awesome too :)

quite an intresting consept. i like those games aimed to, lets call it, "make a better world". here take 4 stars and keep up the good work

xWiseGAMERx responds:

Yes sir.

I agree with most but unless you can reverse and eliminate death, we can't eliminate sadness and tears completely from our lives.

xWiseGAMERx responds:

Maybe we can't eliminate death but we can change our perspective to it. For me, I believe that we will meet our beloved ones after life :).

really nice game, the music is nice and the meaning aswell