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Reviews for "Life & Minimalsim"

You know, I liked how simple it was. This game didn't need anything flashy. It simply was. But, be sure (if you're going to make a game like this) to have everything obvious to the player. I wasn't sure what to do on some levels. Other than that, I need an emote to sum this up:

xWiseGAMERx responds:

:') A lovely comment. We tried to but some challenge to engage the player. Thanks for your opinion.

Amazing, meaningful.
Just the kind of game I like.

xWiseGAMERx responds:

Glad you liked it :)

Beauty cannot be define through looks...
This one brings a smile to you and all I can say is all this ludum dare gives gamedevs the challenge to bring beauty through a game within short time.
Good music too!

I love how simple (which is what they were going for, so that's great!) this game is. The music that goes with it is goes along well. And sometimes you just need a smile on your face. With this game it makes you feel really warm and happy inside.
The only things I'd ask for is more? if possible. but overall, great game ^^

xWiseGAMERx responds:

A remake with more levels and graphics is on the way.
We are really glad that you loved the experience.
Thank you so much :)

I can answer that question: EDUCATION! If I eliminate education from my life it would be better, a lot better-