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Reviews for "Life & Minimalsim"

Nice game, nice moral. 4 because graphics could be better

xWiseGAMERx responds:

So true, we will make a new version with better graphics and more levels as soon as we find an artist.
Thanks for rating.

quite an intresting consept. i like those games aimed to, lets call it, "make a better world". here take 4 stars and keep up the good work

xWiseGAMERx responds:

Yes sir.

Awesome game with an uplifting message. I wish more games were like this.

xWiseGAMERx responds:

Keep following us and we will make more games like that :)

I didn't find this particularly deep or philosophical. So the question this game tries to answer: what can we eliminate from our lives to make it better? I didn't find this game particularly philosophical as it mostly talks about the ends, but not the means to achieve the ends. That is the biggest thing keeping me from considering this game philosophical.

I think one of the most prominent philosophies that tries answering your exact same question would be Buddhism. I'm no expert on their philosophy but I remember it as a philosophy built on an idea that desire is the cause of all suffering. That last level for example, it's possible to have a perspective which instead of working even harder pulling yourself through school, you could instead be living a simple life as a Buddhist monk not worrying about getting through college, getting high-paying jobs, paying off debt, and a bunch of other fun stuff that goes waaaay past high school.

I'm probably a bit mean comparing your game to a philosophy that garnered so many followers, but food for thought?

This was simple and awesome, i thank you for this.

xWiseGAMERx responds:

You are welcome my friend :)