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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Also got found the 4N25 message. Wondering what it means.

Really interesting concept, plays well and its really fun! a bit difficult at first, and I'm stuck at a part, but a good game challenges players while still being fun, so congrats this is pretty awesome!

The key to beating Level 14 is to remember that anything you can land on with a hard impact -- if even for only a moment -- could allow you to die, if it's from a high enough height. I'll let you get to the bottom of that mystery.

PS: I really enjoyed the game. It's hard as you get farther along, but I'll honestly say it's always fair. There are no dirty tricks that violate the physics or the rules of the game.

Pretty cool game, minus half a star just for being kinda simple. Other than that, I had a lot of fun with this. It's original, and the puzzles are challenging. Some of those jumps are pretty hard too, but nothing that was too hard to the point of being overly frustrating. Really, good game, I liked it.

Also, I found a secret code in one of the levels. Nice easter egg, but what the hell do I do with this? Ha ha. There's no code input or anything that I see.

I guess while what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, what kills you makes you even stronger!

The "fall harder to jump higher" idea doesn't make any sort of physical sense but I guess that's why it's original. And you developed it somewhat with the "wraparound" screen and the "hangtime" power-up, which really added some nice puzzle elements to the game. The last level was immensely enjoyable.

But to me that was also kind of the only substantial level. Everything before that felt like and extended tutorial -- usually you have so few options that you're forced to make the right one and inadvertently solves the puzzle. Maybe a few more wrenches are needed to make the "puzzle" aspect of the game more developed and varied.

And the playable game-ending credits screen was a great touch. Great way to get people to actually go through the credits!

So yeah, overall a great start that could have been more fleshed out.