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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Original, but so tedious. I stopped at "The One Where We Turn An Established Mechanic On Its Head." You fall way too fast to use the G properly. More to see might have been nice, seeing the story progress more might have helped, anything to reduce the banality of it.

AmyDee responds:

That part frustrates me too, and I *made* the dang level. If we do a sequel we have a few considerations on how to reduce frustration, so that if you know the solution you can always execute it, since we don't intend for it to be a twitch game. Thanks for the input!

I beat the game so I can testify that its not broken. I'd consider making a walk-through but I died...around 200x last level so no doubt some one could make a better one. Was fun game kept me interested in beating it and looking for what I was missing. I did have to do level 14 2x the first time i got stuck in a rock after going threw one of those anvil looking things. Wasn't so enthused while playing it some times got a bit of "anxiety" from excessive deaths on tasks but didn't drive me away from continuing [came close]. If I had stopped playing I'd have come back later to see what i was missing..... after a while any way.

Unique, but ultimately boring game.

It's not a bad game, but it could use some improvements. First of all, it could use a way to reset a level. I got stuck a few times because I messed up. Secondly, don't have all the levels unlocked from the very beginning. Lastly, have a continue button especially since the levels aren't numbered in the game but only named.

last level is a real pain in the ass :)
how about making the level easier or putting some arrows on where you should jump especially on last level