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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

The idea of getting something special after killing yourself is not new, but at this point, it is kind of hard to come up with something that has not been made already.
The level design was superb, which made me keep trying to find a solution to each level and some of them were actually quite interesting. I liked the fact that most of the sounds seemed to be done by just making noises on a microphone, which gave the game a nice feeling which I tend to associate with a game made because you liked to make it.
I only got a couple of 'complains' about the game, first, the lack of a decent background music (I could hear something, but I am not quite sure if it was some low tune or it was just the 'cave wind'. Second thing is something that I actually look forward in any game, a good story. You start by waking up on the cave and you try to get out, which is a nice start. I can see that you tried to make a plot, but for reason it didn't fully get into the game, once you get out of the cave, that's it. Nothing but a few sentences about a possible future for yourself and the credits (I wont say more to not completely spoil)
The game is a really nice way to kill some free time, but not much more than that. Once again, the level design was incredible, and the difficulty escalates quite slow, but once you get the power up, things get really interesting and it gets challenging.

I like the 8-bit art style. It was a little hard to understand at first but as soon as I learned that dying makes you jump higher it became a lot of fun while remaining challenging. Great game.

Fun little game; challenging enough without being too frustrating. Loved the music at the end. Good learning curve and not too long, making for a good distraction for awhile. Only problem I had was a bit of a bug where I'd touch those icons that elevate you to a higher platform, but I would get stuck in a wall and would have to restart the level.

it is a quaint little game. But it has a programming flaw. If you fall from a platform just short of the intended platform, and die, your jump will be too short to progress by that little but, yet it you were to fall off the intended platform, you can't die to get that extended jump that you need forcing you to have to restart the level. And that is a task on its own because your levels display the name only when you start it but the level selector only shows a number. It is kind of hard to remember how many you been through after dying a few times. Having a reset button would help a bit.

Nice game mechanics, challenging puzzles. I enjoyed playing it!