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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

4N25! baby, bet you didn't know a stubborn gamer like me would take your challenge lls. Hint: Your jump meter doesn't reveal all limits.

why is every game on NG frontpage pixelated or "retro"?
seems like a bullshit excuse to make a poor game lacking in graphics, sound or even ideas.
But hey! Its retro, so its ok i guess? Every one will love it anyway! <3

4N25! BIATCH!!!!! Found what you hid MUHFUCKAH!!! Now gimme monay!

I'll bet you no one else does....

seems so boring for me. Go to levels with spikes.

I bugged on the last level, stuck in the sand. Great game with interesting new concepts. Could've been so much better though, you should definitvely make a sequel adding more special moves and objects :D