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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

I enjoyed the game and concept, the levels that had horizontal wrap around were great. I think during gameplay the soft-ground levels provided some frustration - nothing like falling thinking "Yeah!" then hitting soft ground that was off screen and surviving :P - and the mechanics of the hight being calculated from the platform you left rather than the height you fell from definitely tripped me up on level 14.
Not complaining about the soft ground, it definitely added a level of complexity to the concept but if the mechanics for falling stay the way they're currently setup I'd find it helpful to have some onscreen indication of where my fall was being calculated from.

Keep up the good work!


An excellent and beautifully executed, charming little pixel game. With a fresh new look on the puzzle/jump genres! Bravo!

A good game, although I did not really like it as much when you added the mid-flight mechanic, it made the game a little less puzzley, and a little more luck based, I liked your implementation with a level based design, but I think this would make a very interesting open worldly game, with more emphasis on exploration, maybe you could consider this if you make a squeal? And if you do make a sequel, it would be interesting if you added more ways you could improve, maybe being launched into something too fast gives you more dextrous control?

AmyDee responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We are considering a sequel, and definitely have ideas on how to reduce frustration with things like the grav item. RB is intended to be cerebral, not a twitch game. We didn't get it perfect the first time around due to time constraints. Thanks again.

I found no negatives, very well made and polished game. I liked the concept too, and passes my requirements for 5 stars. It's too short though, I would really like to see a second one, or something with the same concept.