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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

genius concept

Simple yet fun game. An interesting idea.

I really enjoyed how you took a simple concept like the typical platformer task of jumping to achieve your goal, and then turned it on its head in order to make you think through and time everything you do. My only question would be what am I to do with this random set of numbers and letters I've found?

Pretty cool game, minus half a star just for being kinda simple. Other than that, I had a lot of fun with this. It's original, and the puzzles are challenging. Some of those jumps are pretty hard too, but nothing that was too hard to the point of being overly frustrating. Really, good game, I liked it.

Also, I found a secret code in one of the levels. Nice easter egg, but what the hell do I do with this? Ha ha. There's no code input or anything that I see.

i expected it to become redundant pretty quickly but you made it interesting to the end.