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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

the best game iv play in a long time


I guess while what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, what kills you makes you even stronger!

The "fall harder to jump higher" idea doesn't make any sort of physical sense but I guess that's why it's original. And you developed it somewhat with the "wraparound" screen and the "hangtime" power-up, which really added some nice puzzle elements to the game. The last level was immensely enjoyable.

But to me that was also kind of the only substantial level. Everything before that felt like and extended tutorial -- usually you have so few options that you're forced to make the right one and inadvertently solves the puzzle. Maybe a few more wrenches are needed to make the "puzzle" aspect of the game more developed and varied.

And the playable game-ending credits screen was a great touch. Great way to get people to actually go through the credits!

So yeah, overall a great start that could have been more fleshed out.

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I havn't played a platformer like this...I love the concept. Seems pretty original.