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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

This is a really nice game. At first the concept seems easy but once you get all your tricks, you get them put to the test. The idea of only being able to jump as far as you've fallen is quite brilliant. I'm honored to have been able to play this while Under Judgement =3

An cool game and an original concept! May have just been me, but the explanatory text disappears pretty quickly so I just figured things out on my own. The game was simple and pleasant, but I wished for a little bit more twists in the game formula. I never felt stuck or mindblown, but never was it bad either, so yeah I think a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 is good for it. Good job! :)

Very unique concept!

An intriguing concept, but somehow just a smidgen too unkempt and solemnly uneven, in it's execution. However, I believe that you may in fact be on the verge of something here. Keep on truckin'.

AmyDee responds:

Thanks! Definitely agree it's rough around the edges; we set a hard deadline to release. We're considering a sequel so it's great to hear that people see the potential and want more :)

Original, but so tedious. I stopped at "The One Where We Turn An Established Mechanic On Its Head." You fall way too fast to use the G properly. More to see might have been nice, seeing the story progress more might have helped, anything to reduce the banality of it.

AmyDee responds:

That part frustrates me too, and I *made* the dang level. If we do a sequel we have a few considerations on how to reduce frustration, so that if you know the solution you can always execute it, since we don't intend for it to be a twitch game. Thanks for the input!