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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

If I were 0.3 less manly than I currently am, I'd be crying right now. Also, I found the secret place on that level where you can go much higher than the exit cave. Just so people know.

Cool idea with a good style and nice implementation. My only issue with it is that one of the levels almost seems impossible. It is the one where you must land on the gray rock to actually die. Otherwise I like it a lot, good job!

This is a very well thought out game

The game seemed to have an interesting component to it, but I think that there should be hints of some sort if you ask for them, since I've gotten stuck on level 9 and have no idea what to do.

Also, probably would be a good idea to lock the levels in the level-select menu until you've reached it in-game.

Lastly, might be better with music of some sort.

Overall, not bad, but frustrating when you get stuck.

AmyDee responds:

Thanks for the input! If we do a sequel we'll definitely add hints of some sort. There were a few places where testers regularly got frustrated, and we were unable to sort them all out before the end of development. Thanks again.

Unique concept, easy to understand controls, I've never found myself actively trying to kill my own character before. Great game.