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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Deceptively simple, nice background noises, but PLEASE FORGIVE ME, ARROW KEYS!
Good job!

Very simple concept, could use a little audio.

Not bad! Pretty original concept and great level design. The sounds were a little hokey but it never took away from the game. Art was a little bland :/ The gameplay feels like a someone had an idea and got together with a programmer just to see if they could make it. Less of a game and more of a simulation or test to try out a game play element. Still cool though. Controls feel solid and no bugs noticed here. Biggest complaint? that little pause where you can't control the character after you respawn. It may seem small but after dying upwards of 75 times or so on spikes it can get frustrating. Take a note from other games that use the "dying lots of time" mechanic. Like the achievement unlocked series or super meat boy. In both instances your character is immediately controllable upon respawn. Biggest compliment? Cool idea. I liked how the levels were displayed before you started also.

AmyDee responds:

Thanks for the tip re: respawn delay. If we do a sequel we'll keep that in mind.

Nice idea, but I hate the soft floor levels