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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Disturbing, but creative!

this was a really great game and I love playing game like this and I found a easter egg 4.N25!

What a great concept! Dying to jump higher! Amazing! I would like some more music and maybe a less annoying death sound. Some of the levels are really cool. My Favourite Weave was very simple but also very creative. Once I got to "The Softer They Are" I was pretty much stuck. From what I did play it was a very good game and a very good example of what FlashPunk can do.

Pretty good...It gets repetitive but I like the concept!

Really creative game mechanics! Suicidal jump encouragement mixed with great puzzle design equals 4.5 out of 5.

Minus .5 because of some of the finicky jumps. I suppose with Joy2Pad it could be more accurate.