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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

The levels dont seem possible after 10... An interesting mechanic, but poorly executed and balanced...

Great cocept, good art and ok music. The gameplay is the issue. I don't mind a challange in a game, but i do like it when it doesn't feel like i'm getting screwed. The hower button starts woking only on certain heights so if you miss the preset height by a little it wont work until you slam on the spikes.

Superbly annoying and not in a good way.

I like the game mechanics a lot in your game, it's really creative! Just like people before me said, excellent levels design and difficulty balance! I wrote about it on my blog as well, nicely done!

Awesome game.
What does 4N25! mean?

I liked it alot, but music/atmosphere sounds and controls can still be improved.

Also... I can't beat level 13 and 14
on 13 I jump down then make it up through the spikes but cant jump high enough to die anywhere or reach the stony bridge.

on lvl 14 I go all the way down manage to die 2 times down there for a really really tiny boost on jump height and then there's nothing to do anymore neither down below nor up nor anywhere between

also it looks more like broken levels then me not being good enough at this game,
I can't know for sure... anyone care to make a youtube walktrhough maybe If I am in fact just doing it wrong?