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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Really fun, I got pretty far, but then I broke it :(

At first the primary mechanic seemed clunky and too weird, but it grew on me pretty quickly due to the excellent level design and overall quirky atmosphere. Quite entertaining. Glitch warning: activating the antigrav item just after touching one of those upward-teleporters will often get you stuck inside a wall.

Decent gameplay. I should point out two things to those having trouble:

1. For the later levels, you need to use the suspended gravity to assist with falling; falling momentum is preserved when moving this way.
2. The height you start your fall and where you hit the ground seem to matter more than the fall itself (i.e. jumping 2 feet and falling 5 feet has less effect than falling 5 feet directly from a platform). I observed this while doing "The Softer They Are" at the spot with the pillars.

Hope this helps.

AmyDee responds:

Yes, the distance is calculated by the height of the platform you fall from, and you can't add to it by jumping first. That's a known issue many testers fell prey to; we'll try to communicate the system better if we do a sequel. Thanks for the feedback!

Great mechanic idea, great smooth execution, decent graphics, and overall a good game. The hovering idea made the game even more cool, and I have to say that everything just worked wonderfully.

I do question how rudimentary the main menu is, and the fact that you cannot return to it mid-game, as well as the fact that each level is unlabeled as you go through them, so you can't tell which level you are on.

The one easter egg I found on the second gravity level was fun.

The ending was fantastically done as well.

I think that for polish, decent sound effects, and a great game, this would get five stars. The only qualm I have is the polish with menu presentation and numbering the levels, as well as possibly a mute option thrown in for those people who dislike sounds. A potential idea is to expand this in the future, as I imagine you could play with this mechanic a whole lot more! All in all a fantastically done game.

Really interesting concept, plays well and its really fun! a bit difficult at first, and I'm stuck at a part, but a good game challenges players while still being fun, so congrats this is pretty awesome!