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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

The key to beating Level 14 is to remember that anything you can land on with a hard impact -- if even for only a moment -- could allow you to die, if it's from a high enough height. I'll let you get to the bottom of that mystery.

PS: I really enjoyed the game. It's hard as you get farther along, but I'll honestly say it's always fair. There are no dirty tricks that violate the physics or the rules of the game.

finished after ~130 retries on the last level. I think this would make a great multiplayer game with custom maps, watching dozens of people on the same level trying to get out and maybe include mechanic where people help or thwart each other, maybe include more powerups and even enemies like zombies and such but maybe that would take away from the game concept. Incidentally, what does 4N25! mean?

Power-through-Death mechanic is very intriguing. Maybe you could include other modes of death with their own associated powers? For example getting burned would give you pyrokinetics, etc.

It was weird and different! I enjoyed it quite a bit.

lo amé, me encanto de verdad un muy buen juego