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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Couldn't complete the level entitled "Break Through" Shame really as that was level 14 out of 15. The level before that one just took it out of me. Too many 'trick' deaths were needed. Still a rather interesting idea for a game.

Fun little game; challenging enough without being too frustrating. Loved the music at the end. Good learning curve and not too long, making for a good distraction for awhile. Only problem I had was a bit of a bug where I'd touch those icons that elevate you to a higher platform, but I would get stuck in a wall and would have to restart the level.

I really enjoyed this game!

Surprised this game isn't scored higher. It's got an interesting concept that kept me hooked all the way through, even at that sadistic last level. I died so many times there that I knew it was the last level just from the difficulty alone.

The only reason I'm taking a half-point off is because the "G" mechanic felt more annoyingly difficult than cleverly challenging. Your timing really has to be spot-on in the areas where you need to use it.

To the infinity and beyond!

"My drill will pierce the heavens!, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!" haha