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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Really cool game, Nice concept. I'll give ya 4.5 just to give you some room to improve. lmao

Proof positive that the most elegant and enduring concepts are the most simple. An excellent game. The ending was a nice touch, too. That very last jump could stand to be a liiiiiittle more forgiving, but I also understand why it isn't. Well done!

Great game! I had a lot of fun with the unique mechanic.

Also, I passed the exit to one level and found a secret saying 4n25! What does that mean?

Hmm. I'm on the level where it said something about turning a well-known mechanic on it's head, and I'm pretty lost as to what I'm supposed to do. I have a suspicion I'm expected to jump over that first set of spikes and then hover right to fall in the pit, but that seems pretty much impossible... If that IS what I'm supposed to do, then I'd just say that, as it's a puzzle game, putting a twitch challenge at the very end of it isn't very fun. The anti-gravity and spike ceilings were stressful enough on their own...

Other than that, the game was alright. The sounds got pretty annoying since they were so harsh and loud compared to the background. The graphics were rudimentary. The puzzles would be a lot more fun if they were just puzzles, and not pixel perfect jumping exercises as well.

repetitivo, aunque la idea no esta mal, quizás añadir alguna mecánica extra que mejore la experiencia.