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Reviews for "Rock Bottom"

Damn good game. Incredibly difficult, timing that G move was so infuriating that I ended up raging on the last level. I had to play it again the day after and finish the game then, but it was still good enough that it made me come back. Some music would have been nice, and the art could've been more interesting. All in all, a good game, but definitely room to improve.

Loved your game.

Harsh, but Beautiful symbolism.

Absolutely Inspiring.

I'm not going to lie, this was an fantastic concept, although I did wish it was longer. Good job, though!

One thing I'm actually skillz0red at in games, is dying. Piece of cake. :DDD

it is a quaint little game. But it has a programming flaw. If you fall from a platform just short of the intended platform, and die, your jump will be too short to progress by that little but, yet it you were to fall off the intended platform, you can't die to get that extended jump that you need forcing you to have to restart the level. And that is a task on its own because your levels display the name only when you start it but the level selector only shows a number. It is kind of hard to remember how many you been through after dying a few times. Having a reset button would help a bit.