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Reviews for "Potato The Destroyer"

It's a good idea, just poorly executed. The enemy layout is badly thought through which makes the game boring to play after the first two deaths. Keep trying but fix the layout for sure.

sorry not an actual rating but as it is it doesn't work. also fix that you can't click anywhere on the start screen without following a link

Kcori responds:

Sorry about my website coming up when you click the title screen. I was in a rush during the final minutes of the competition and had to make it really quickly. I forgot that you had to click on the Flash applet to give it focus, and it's super annoying when a tab opens up unexpectedly. I updated it so it only opens when you click on the url at the bottom.

What do you mean that it doesn't work though?

I Cant Jump And Shoot

Kcori responds:

What do you mean by that? Do you press the buttons and nothing happens?


Kcori responds:

Thanks for your well thought out and intelligent review. Which difficulty mode did you choose? Chill Mode is more appropriate for those less skillful in games like this.

**** dis game!!!!!!!!!!!