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Reviews for "Potato The Destroyer"

great game i beat it on normal very frustrating but great

My favorite game about potatoes

Reminds me of the game Furry! Nice

A great and smooth platformer with fun shooting elements and great reflex challenges. Graphics and music are old school. My only complaint is that the music is a bit high and tinny, but midi will do that no matter what, so it's barely a complaint.

Enemies are cute, and though the game is hard, levels were designed well. A little bit more polish could have been given to the frankly unnecessary title screen with its odd epileptic potato, which didn't fit how the game came together. Enemies were great, though I do wish there were more plot.

That music actually gets really irritating really quickly. Wish something could be done about it. Also, a level selection option would be nice, for returning players.

Cool game, a bit tough though :(. Will rate it on LD now :D.