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Reviews for "Potato The Destroyer"

A great and smooth platformer with fun shooting elements and great reflex challenges. Graphics and music are old school. My only complaint is that the music is a bit high and tinny, but midi will do that no matter what, so it's barely a complaint.

Enemies are cute, and though the game is hard, levels were designed well. A little bit more polish could have been given to the frankly unnecessary title screen with its odd epileptic potato, which didn't fit how the game came together. Enemies were great, though I do wish there were more plot.

That music actually gets really irritating really quickly. Wish something could be done about it. Also, a level selection option would be nice, for returning players.

I appreciated the effort you put into the game; it created a nostalgic reflection on my childhood game play and truly fulfilled your objective of making it challenging. I recommend easing up on the challenge though, since the frequency enemies fire their bullets and the monolithic size of the boss potato's health can be too frustrating at times. I hope this input helps.

Kcori responds:

I only got to watch one person play the game, and he did pretty well at it. But difficulty is something I really need to work on. I've been considering adding optional ways to make my games easier, but I didn't have time to implement them in time for the competition deadline. I appreciate the feedback though and I'll certainly work on making my stuff less frustrating.

sorry not an actual rating but as it is it doesn't work. also fix that you can't click anywhere on the start screen without following a link

Kcori responds:

Sorry about my website coming up when you click the title screen. I was in a rush during the final minutes of the competition and had to make it really quickly. I forgot that you had to click on the Flash applet to give it focus, and it's super annoying when a tab opens up unexpectedly. I updated it so it only opens when you click on the url at the bottom.

What do you mean that it doesn't work though?

It's a good idea, just poorly executed. The enemy layout is badly thought through which makes the game boring to play after the first two deaths. Keep trying but fix the layout for sure.

Great Ludum Dare entry!