Reviews for "QUEST SPACE"

" I look forward to expanding the hell out of this."


VictorGrunn responds:

Nah, I'm going to. It needs vastly better everything - graphics, text, layout, and sound - but underlying concept? It's damn solid.

Thanks for the input all the same, even if I'm ignoring it!

ok. played 5 times and all five times I died after 2-3 battles. no options that I could affect. therefore, your game = suck.

VictorGrunn responds:

Between you and me, I'm blaming your space bar on this one.

Thanks for playing!

poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooor

VictorGrunn responds:

Poo or what? POO OR WHAT?

Now I'll never know. :(


VictorGrunn responds:

Well, yeah. Literally. You're correct.

There's nothing to this game in terms of skill or even choice. You press space over and over and the random numbers do what they do. The graphics are horrible (though in a weird way I'm proud of them), the story non-existent. But! It was fun to make. And the base code of the game is grand, to me anyway. I'm proud to have made that - but you can't see that part (unless you hit ludum dare, I guess.)

Still, thanks for the feedback. I know you were going for a 'lol shit game!' kind of thing here, but you played it and you responded, and honest to God, there's more than I expected out of anyone. Thanks for your efforts in voting on new Newgrounds games. :)