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Reviews for "Adrellia Village #45: SE"

Wow, this was great. I like the skeleton guy and "Rock me Amadeus" at the end just made me crack.
You guys did a fantastic job. Thumbs up!

MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for the review!

Aw man very entertaining great job guys

MistyEntertainment responds:


Scene 1 (News Scene):

Pros: Nice voice acting work, along with the moving background and text below. The lip sync being frame by frame animated sure was nice.
Cons: Drew's body could've used a little more FBF.

Scene 2 (From after the news scene to the Wizard Scene):

Pros: The body and face movement of Phillip was excellent, along with Drake's FBF movement. Sir Hal's and Skeleton King's voices were awesome as well. Nice transportation scenes, along with the

Wizard scene.
Cons: Drake kind of stopped walking when it faded out, and he could've sighed before he said "Phil, I have these two friends," and the Transport-O-Matic should've had a crash sound.

Scene 3 (Everything after the Wizard scene):

Pros: This scene is mostly rushed, so not a lot of Pros for this scene. Nice music, along with Rachel getting up from the bed. Nice turn inbetweens for Rachel and Rory, I'm assuming those

inbetweens were the front of those two then?
Cons: I'm sorry, but this scene is obviously rushed. Not enough inbetweens, like Rory slightly getting up from the bed and Drake's eyes looking at Rory. Rachel at some times never fully closed her

mouth, and as for that Prince Albert scene, Prince Albert had some wrong coloring and looked slightly different. The walls were also the wrong color. King William should've had some lines too.

Overall, this episode is better than AV43, but almost as rushed as that episode.

MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for the review.

yeah, i agree with everything you just said, especially about scene 3 being rushed, that's true. i'm gonna take a short break from adrellia village so i don't get "burned out" - that way, episode 46 turns out much better than this episode

Finally getting around to reviewing this one. I'm not sure why I held it off for so long, but whatever. I will start off by saying that while this was a step backward from the last episode, it was still better than #43; only slightly though.

Now then, writing: there wasn't too much to complain about, though nothing extremely well done either. The script was okay. Not really much more to say about that.

The animation varied. While it's the same quality as AV43, there was a bit more motion of the characters, with the exception of the last scene which just seemed extremely lazy; the characters didn't even blink! The frame by frame on Philip was good though, however his tie blowing in the wind does get annoying, some nice variety of the direction it blows would have been nice to see. When Drake is walking out of the hotel, he just stops when it fades out. This is very awkward to look at; he should have either kept walking or it should have been a hard cut instead of a fade. Although you seem to be using better transitions, so that's good, though I'm not sure if there should have been a fade in the last scene, it didn't really seem fitting. When Drake is walking in the hall, the change in the color of the wall is very noticeable, that could have easily been fixed. The best parts of the animation were probably the scene with the wizards, and the transport-o-matic scene. The transport-o-matic scene was done very well, nice a psychedelic and Drake's falling and the machine exploding was hilarious. The wizard scene was also nice and suspenseful, and even though it was obviously tweeny, it still looked really well done. Overall, the animation wasn't the best but it still had its moments.

And finally voice acting. I liked the additional voices, they were really well done and hopefully the voice actors have more roles soon. The only negative thing I can think of (other than the obvious blandness of the majority, but again that's obvious, it's not getting fixed, so there's no need to go indepth ragemode about it) is how Philip's voice was different than last time. Same voice actor, obviously, but the accent he used was different than before. I liked the voice he had before, it was different :(. Overall, the new voices were good, the others are the same as before. Some improvement, but otherwise meh.

Overall, this episode was okay, certainly better than AV43, but not as good as it could have been. Some things are done good, but some also seem rushed or lazy. The subtle suspense with the wizards was nice and is leading to something big (as if I didn't know what, heh). So it is going somewhere. Really I should be rating this lower, but I rated the other ones a bit higher as well (mostly) so if I started on this one, that might not look good, plus I'd feel like a dick. Well, I hope this was helpful, and I'm looking forward to AV46. Good luck on your future projects!

MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for the review
and i definitely agree about scene 3 being lazy, this was a bit rushed and i'll try to improve that in the next episode

An improvement from episode 43. The animation here is much better and much smoother, but the mouth loops just make it feel really lazy. There are lots of things that you could have easily fixed, but chose not to. Anyway, I liked the writing and I hope to see the conclusion of the plague saga soon.