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Reviews for "Pink Lemonade"

Feeling the chill, big time. Love the air on the chip pads and the integration of some non-chip synths to augment. Reminds me of Lifeformed, who did the Dustforce soundtracks. The low-pass filter on the drums (and the whole track?) kinda overstays its welcome. I figured it was just for the intro and would ease off, but then came to realize that it's more of a permanent "pink noise" EQ treatment. Give some more love to your treble dude! It wants to break out.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you so much. Yeah, maybe some aspects overstay their welcome. Ah well, I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part. It's good to know that someone was feeling the chill : ) Respect.

It seems this song has been around since August, 2013. To bad it just now gained my attention.

How did you get the inspiration for this song? It's very dissimilar to your other work. Less pompous and "dramatic" in the use of instruments and tone.
Personally, this is my favorite song of yours. It has a very relaxing atmosphere due to the soothing rhythm, relaxing beat and deep tones (the humming of the bass in the background).

I wish you would more songs like this, but I can understand if you shifted your interest towards animating (just a guess judging by your recent activity).
By the way, you should link your NG-page to your other channels/sites like youtube (though I'm not sure how NG would fancy that, not knowing exactly what NG policy permits)

Have a good one!

Fell in love with this thanks to Picollage...

You make me want to step my synth game up in a major way. This thing is painted so beautifully

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you so much : D I'm glad you liked it. You are cool.

Lovely, it reminds me of the place Boggly Woods in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, one of my favorite games.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks!! I know the place : )

Not even kidding. This is like a gamers music therapy. I seriously dig it. I'll be sleeping to this tonight.

Bertn1991 responds:

Oh I'm so so happy :D Thank you!!!