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Reviews for "Pico's School DX"

Awesome, dude. Nice work. By the way, when you talked with a user about this:

"Nice remake but theres a bug where the key to the last part can't be found on the teachers body unless i'm being stupid :S"

Kenney responds:
"You gotta try opening the door in the teachers lounge first, sorry, it was like that in the original game. It's a little stupid, shouldn't have stuck to the original game there."

In that part, i could take the key wearing the nightvision glasses. Is this a problem?

okay so it is nice to see a remake of this game, the improved graphics and sounds is awesome, but how the hell do you mess up the programming for a game made in 06? the gun targeting makes the alucard fight either near impossible or too difficult to be considered fun. many a time i had the gun perfectly targeting an object he throws and either the gun does shoot or it act like it never hit the target. i just dont get how you have been able to mees up the coding so badly that it makes the 06 version seem perfect

Kenney responds:

You must suck, it's working fine for everyone.

Congradulations on being the first submssion for Pico Day 2013! Granted, I don't know if that's true, but this is certainly one of the first. I appreciate all the loyalty to the original game. I'm normally not much of a fan of games like this, but this is Pico! I am reminded of all the elements of the game. Will Tom ever make Pico 2?

As I'm a determinator, I didn't stop fighting until I beat the last boss. It's interesting to see how much better graphics have gotten over the years. This looks like a great year indeed. I love how the story begins all over again with the black people. Poor Nene.

Finally a remake, the original's graphics were getting too old for this generation.

this isn't a pico's school remake! it is a remake of picos school remake!