Reviews for "Vees NG commercial"

This flash is on my favorites hands down.
Today, you would be God sir, but you would still be second to Quinton Flynn, so I apologize!
People need to give this flash more credit. This was very original and creative, although you used other's characters, it reminds me a lot of super smash bros. Keep it up, my man!

Nice reflection of the current state of newgrounds. Having some of the more recent animations/characters only was a good choice. Good job at mimicking the characters voices, could of been better but really It wouldnt be fair to dock you for it.

i like the egoraptor reference i still love egoraptors videos he started doing megman X 2 days ago and i share one huge thing in common with him mega man X is mine and his favorite game

Cool, although your style looks a little too much like Red Minus.

veselekov responds:


everyone is here... now i need to kill myself.