Reviews for "Vees NG commercial"

I don't know how I missed this at Pico Day! Well, that is why it's an underdog. I really appreciate seeing all these guys together. I love having Nailocke appear in this. Why was the hentai girl bleeped but not the guy saying motherfucker? I just love the jab at Egoraptor.

He still has the most fans on this website. The artwork was quite authentic. I just love seeing tributes to all my favorite authors! You really did pick some great ones here. I do think the animation could be better in terms of movement.

veselekov responds:

its alright. Animation is pretty shitty.

Yo what version of that song is that? I know it from the malancholy of haruhi, but no idea what the name of the song is.

NEWGROUNDS the epic home of every thing

Too bad people scare all the good animators away from newgrounds. Too bad.

Nice animation and humor.It'd be nice if you could change the age limt though.