Reviews for "The Ventures Fulp"

i knew i was the most important member of NG because i was the main character.

deathink responds:

its about time you got your own game lul

deathink you BASTARD! I DO NOT...... have red hair. lmao

The game was perverted, crudely comical, gory to a point, and twisted...... I LIKEZ EET! XD perfect submission for Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day deathink and all you Newgroundians out there that will more than likely rate my review as helpful :P

deathink responds:

I know, you died it so no one would recognize you lol
Pixels doing sexy sex things are always great.
I am glad you liked it :)

Ohai Deathink...This is FUNNY!

I'm super fulp bro toilet stinky, mexican man is here and i checked pms... but can find teh dildo. :C

Thank you for allowing infinite beeer urchases. Also, why nobody cry when i kick them?

Kudos for the right giggigdy-game and the room reference too. What a very godly film. :3

deathink responds:

The dildo is in the next part of the game. And thanks for the review.

Admitedly, I'm stuck in game, and can't complete it. :'(
BUT that doesn't detract from it being an excellent, hilarious game. Kudos to you Deathink

At Least i Got Mah Name said by Tom. So Worth It.

deathink responds:

Oh, from his lips, it would seem like gold.