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Reviews for "The Ventures Fulp"

Well, this was a rather intersting submission. The thing I don't understand about this is how I have pretty bad control. Apart from how I can't stop moving in the same place, I just can't go anywhere at times. There were occasions where I couldn't even go into the next room. I'm not even sure if I was supposed to. I appreciate you paying tribute to this website.

It wasn't so much about Pico Day as it was about the site in general. Seeing as how he's the mascot, I guess it makes sense. I thought this would be a parody of "The Venture Bros". Dang, is that an awesome show. There could have been better designs, though.

deathink responds:

HAHA, well what makes it pico day related is it take place at the pico day party :)
sorry about the bugs, i was up till 3am trying to get it ready and then left for pico day at 5am so I didn't get to test it . it will be fixed soon.

sometimes i get stuck... tom wont stop dancing

deathink responds:

Just like real life.

Got stuck as Tom after finding the dildo and award. No idea what to do now.

Otherwise I just didn't find the game very funny.

No comments: Just a pat in a back to everyone that tried to do .... "something"

Nah just joking. Great game, and happy Pico to everyone :D

deathink responds:


This was soo funny

deathink responds: