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Reviews for "The Ventures Fulp"

how is this E rated

deathink responds:

it should be XXX

This game may have some minor bugs (didn't stumble across them), but when I consider how little time you had to complete this, I tend to overlook them since the humor is just great (ok, a bit disturbing at the start, but hey, it's just a funny game, right?!).

The Videogame jokes are hilarious (specially for older gamers I guess) and yes, the inside jokes about NG are hard to understand if you're not here for a while.
But it's PICO DAY dammit, when else can you release a game with some inside jokes ?!
So thank you, dude, and keep it up :)

deathink responds:

Thanks man, I am glad you liked it!

You have to dance on the dead cat on the streets to get the last skull :)

deathink responds:

what he said!

i heard legend of zelda music

deathink responds:


i love it! but im a little stuck... ive kicked myself in the balls... i got stamper his dildo... returned the award... found a skull from the painting and dancing in the bathroom... now everyones just telling me something is being set up... everythings ready.. bathroom smells... what now?

deathink responds:

there is one more skull by the cat... have fun!