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Reviews for "Scribblenauts General"

amazing concept and even better execution, every second i was excited to see what you would come up with next

all though the jokes are cheap, the way they were used as a literal sentence, made it hilarious!
love it.

I LOVED IT! :) but everytime i watch it at the end it makes shockwave flash crash i am useing chrome but is no biggie just a quick F5 fixes it but thought i should mention it :P

I'm just lovin' it. It's not the "prettiest" but it's your style and it's good. Plus this is actually a really good joke to play off of.

(The rest of this is unrelated to video... sorry)
As for the guy below me, TerntResner, thank you for correcting the misconception that it's the "Kill Bill Song." I didn't know that it was from a different movie. However, it sounds like you're a big irritated with Quintin Tarentino, because he made a movie that a lot of people love but used other people's work to do so. This would normally be an agreeable point, but considering the movie is supposed to pay homage to other works, that's kinda the point, and I'd say he did a gosh darn good job doing so. It mashed up so many ideas into one story.

humph so this is what its like when i do things to other peps in scribble nautz :D