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Reviews for "'Day of the Jelly Spill'"

sir,you are a true genius

i want do you go to win.

Butzbo responds:

Hello there Sir Golfinho!
I atleast hope to get through the open round, HEH.

I like the character design. Its whimsical, and the story makes me smile. Good stuff.

Nice video, good luck at the NATA 2013

That was really funny. I m not sure about the part with huge jelly monsters. It was funny wihtout it. I think it was a cheap shot in the end.

Butzbo responds:

Huh, that's interesting because originally the monsters were going to have a more elaborated role instead of the really fast appearance they had here.
I guess it's mainly about the small amount of time I had to work on it. There was going to be some more anticipation.
Thanks for the review!