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Reviews for "'Day of the Jelly Spill'"



Great job!

Hah, what a freaky alarm clock! For a minute there it made me think of Angry Birds. Really interesting mixture of sound and animation, it's got a VG feel to it even though the characters are all but game-like. We should make a day like this a reality, nice work!


Stylish !

This is a fun one to watch.
The squiggle vision animation is always entertaining for me, and the chip tune type music adds a
light hearted vibe that tugs on my nostalgia strings.
Great job, I only wish it was a little bit longer!
Keep up the great work.

Butzbo responds:

Heh, I certainly agree with that bit about the chiptune music!

Awesome, that sloppy style, fits perfect too the music=)
more please