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Reviews for "Quantum Corps"

*Presses z+x+c*

*Presses them again*

*Keeps pressing, tries other keys, restarts game, presses again*

Something is not working. Evidently it is for others, since this already made it to the front page, but over here something doesn't work. Could be my flash player, but it doesnt happen on other games.

Hypnohustler responds:

Might be a problem with your keyboard not registering three buttons at the same time. Fixed the issue and now you have to only press 1 key. Sorry for the problem!

Ultra fun, 2 buttons heaven.

Hypnohustler responds:

Thanks :)

Great job!
awsome game!
really funny =]

Hypnohustler responds:


That is a pretty good game. But making a challenging game and have a built-in cheat (infinite slo-mo) is pretty stupid. Who will want to complete it fair way instead of doing it in slo-mo all the way through? Only score wankers, who are even worse that medal whores anyway. Yes, there are barriers, which turned on only when slo-mo is active. But they turn off instantly, so you can untap slo-mo button 1 pixel before you face will touch it.

Hypnohustler responds:

You're welcome to use the slowmotion for the whole level. It wont be any fun but you still can do it if you only want to pass the levels. The game was made especially for all the score wankers and medal whores, so I cant see a problem with it. :)