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Reviews for "Mask"

it has that mix of different genres of video games and that horror factor... I'd say 3 stars

Killing pixels MAKES YOU A MURDERER! Or VIDEO GAMES ARE THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL! That or it's a oddly done horror game.

The tone of the game make it apparent that it's the first subject which... really, really, REALLY grates on me. Apart from the fact that it promote an ignorant view of video games (both on the exhageration of video game violence + its effects on people), the mini-games are quite on the faulty side. The audio is well done but I had often troubles clearing jumps during the platformer sequence and there's some hiccups regarding the platforms' looks.

As the game is not much of one (little challenge, rather bad-ish graphics), the game thus rely on its value as art. Audio-wise, good... but a tired, stereotypical, rather dubious message mostly make the game fail at that too.

So... sorry, no cigar.

I do see potential in how you could have used this concept to make something interesting. But I think you should have focused a bit more on graphics, mechanics, and maybe either twisted the subject a bit or pick a different one.

Don't know if this review will help you in any way or if you'll even read it but well, thought of giving you my opinion on the matter.