Reviews for "Stagediver"

I had fun with this,simple concept but really entertaining.

While I think the mid-air controls could be more responsive, and not almost useless, this game has the key to gaming fun... variables. There are layers of waves that can get you higher if you hit them right. The lights also seem pretty random. Almost impossible to get medals, but it's loads of fun!

Great game, there needs to be more like this:)

This game is hilarious. Very fun and quick, with a charming style to it. I don't want to say its simple, as I that this took a while to make, but the mechanics are still pleasing nonetheless. Love it guys, keep up the good work. I think the only thing that I wish for is a more satisfying look for the jump when using the spacebar to launch around while crowd-surfing. It feels like it should be going higher than what it does, but maybe I'm just being silly.

It was entertaining for a few minutes, then got tedious and boring.