Reviews for "The Guardian's Day"

I can stand it I quess.

Awsome animation, Awsome voice actor but there shoud have been more sounds thought.

Still, awsome work :D

I'm sad that you lost your files. The animation was so good but it needs that audio so bad! Maybe after you're done with NATA you could get it back in? :)

I was surprised you used The End. I totally expected to hear Guardian Angel, unless that was a part of the missing audio too. Hope this gets you to the next round!

NathanPuray responds:

Thanks man Yeah I was going to use Guardian angel too! at the end it was going to sound so good! i hope i make it too!

The animation is splendid! The story is pretty weak and familiar but it's easy to follow.
Would of liked it more with that audio!

NathanPuray responds:

Thanks man! yeah me and you both


NathanPuray responds:

I'll take it i guess