Reviews for "The Guardian's Day"

I can stand it I quess.

Awsome animation, Awsome voice actor but there shoud have been more sounds thought.

Still, awsome work :D


NathanPuray responds:

I'll take it i guess

The animation is splendid! The story is pretty weak and familiar but it's easy to follow.
Would of liked it more with that audio!

NathanPuray responds:

Thanks man! yeah me and you both

I'm sad that you lost your files. The animation was so good but it needs that audio so bad! Maybe after you're done with NATA you could get it back in? :)

I was surprised you used The End. I totally expected to hear Guardian Angel, unless that was a part of the missing audio too. Hope this gets you to the next round!

NathanPuray responds:

Thanks man Yeah I was going to use Guardian angel too! at the end it was going to sound so good! i hope i make it too!